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About Us

About Us

Jeff Tax & Financial US Services is a Firm specialized in Accounting and Taxes...

Our mission is to do professional work for our clients. Providing a personalized service adapted to the needs of your business, contributing our experience and knowledge to achieve your financial information objectives and business decisions.

We help businesses and self-employed or business owners find the right business structures to cut costs for them, implement those strategies, and then make sure they don’t raise red flags for the IRS in compliance with the Act.

For this we rely on:

Why Choose Us

We Provide High-Quality Accounting & Tax Service

Jeff Tax Financial US Services offers custom tailored solutions for every case. That’s why we take the time to analyze and research, so we can provide you with the financial solutions that better suits your needs.

Acounting Service

We will analyze your taxes and your accounting, to provide you with ideas to optimize taxes, payroll, improve operating expenses, increase sales and reduce sales costs.

Business Strategy & Growth

We will help you establish financial and accounting information systems and we will guide you to make better decisions and know the progress of your business and the effects that taxes, payroll, costs and expenses generate in it.

Our Team

Meet With Professional Team

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Melvin Rosario

Marketing Officer

Emre Andrews

HR Manager

Tatiana Head


Contact Us If You Have Question About Our Service

If you have any questions about our services and want to contact us, click on the following link.

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