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We ProvideAccounting & Tax Service

Jeff Tax & Financial US Services is a full-service accounting and tax firm, we offer personal & corporate services. We have everything you need in one place: accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, corporations, individual, self-employee and corporate taxes, income tax return preparation, tax planning, training & more.

Proactive And Corrective Guidance and Tax Planning Tailored To Your Business Needs

We work throughout the year to ensure your books are up to date, you're not making mistakes and that you're keeping more of what you earn.

We Are Accounting and Tax Specialist

Completing the forms correctly is not everything, companies need a true and knowledgeable accountant to guide them to sound accounting practices and in accordance with the law.

Friendly Customer Service

We make sure to get quick answers to your questions and provide a pleasant experience every time we connect.

About Us

We Have Experience In Accounting & Tax Services

At Jeff Tax & Financial US Services, our mission is to do professional work for our clients. Providing a personalized service adapted to the needs of your business, contributing our experience and knowledge to achieve your financial information objectives and business decisions.

We help businesses and self-employed or business owners find the right business structures to cut costs for them, implement those strategies, and then make sure they don’t raise red flags for the IRS in compliance with the Act.

For this we rely on:

Our Services

What Service We Offer

We help business owners know for certain their taxes are done right, their financials are perfect and they don’t overpay in taxes.

We provide an outsourced accounting service for small businesses. For one flat monthly cost, we’ll handle all your bookkeeping, tax planning, tax payments, payroll and year-end tax returns.


Accounting Services

We prepare accounting records and general ledger, financial statements, and financial information for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual closings. We cover the entire bookkeeping. We prepare financial information analysis and reports for lenders and banks, investors, regulatory entities such as the IRS, among others. We prepare special reports for the consolidation of financial statements, currency conversion and financial information for businesses in inflationary economies, applying US GAAP and IFRS.


Payroll Services

Administration, preparation and running of payroll, adjustments, new workers and retirements. Control and registration of employee and employer taxes, work compensation, and re-employment taxes, state and federal. We work with quickbooks and ADP payroll systems. We issue payroll reports for use and internal control of the business and to generate payroll accounting records. We process W-2 and 1099 NEC.


Start-Up and Business Continuity

We help create and register businesses in the Department of State Corporations, as well as their annual update reports. we make changes, conversions, mergers and adjustments to existing business structures, we make changes from LLC to S-Corporations. We work with all business structures: Sole Proprietorships; partnerships; corporations; S Corporations and Limited Liability Company (LLC). We help you obtain the Employer Identification Number (EIN) at the IRS.



We prepare individual, business and corporate taxes, at the state and federal level with the client's accounting and financial information, relying on our accounting service and client information; we make amendments and corrections; We advise clients to make payments to the IRS and other state and federal tax collecting entities. We help with gathering information requested in IRS Request Letters.


Notary Public

We have a Registered Notary Public in the State of Florida. We make all the Acknowledgements and Certifications allowed within the legal and regulatory framework allowed.

Why Choose Us

We Provide High-Quality Accounting & Tax Service

Jeff Tax Financial Services offers custom tailored solutions for every case. That’s why we take the time to analyze and research, so we can provide you with the financial solutions that better suits your needs.

Accounting Service

We will analyze your taxes and your accounting, to provide you with ideas to optimize taxes, payroll, improve operating expenses, increase sales and reduce sales costs.

Structure Businesses According To Your Needs

We will help you establish financial and accounting information systems and we will guide you to make better decisions and know the progress of your business and the effects that taxes, payroll, costs and expenses generate in it.

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